Sex, Drugs, Hip-Hop & Intersectional Feminism

Here you'll find a collection of my work from my time in Post-Secondary Institutions as a Communication major and Film minor which showcases a broad spectrum of my writing abilities.

Urban Music in a Cowboy City

Radio has come a long way from starting as simply a radio telegraph system that carried no audio on AM frequency to millions of radio stations on the FM band world wide. These days the radio stations vary from talk radio that has taken over the AM frequency, to every and any style of music on the FM frequency. 


In Calgary, there are approximately 11 radio stations all offering something a little different than the other...

Hip-Hop & the War on Drugs

In the 1980s, Public Enemy, KRS-One, N.W.A, Ice-T, among many other hip hop artists began describing through stark rhymes and narratives, a United States criminal justice system that was unfair and that targets and profiles Black people. Lyrics by these artists became, in Chuck D’s words, “the Black CNN”. Artists influenced and molded a generation. Hip hop has become Black America’s first response to current inequalities and discrimination...

White Tattoo Artists and Their Black Clients

“You can’t get color” 

“Your skin is too dark.”

“With your skin tone…” 

And my favorite… “Have you considered bleaching your skin?” That was the moment I thought, that might be my last tattoo...